Jul 18

Mega-mushroom Eye Serum: love it or leave it.

Few things are worse than looking like a baggy eyed zombie.  Unfortunately, due to a stressful on the go lifestyle, work drama and a general lack of sleep, I’ve been cursed with saggy, highly noticeable dark bags under and around both my eyes.  Like, goth dark.  Def. not a look for a lady.  While covering and disguising them bad boys was tricky but completely achievable: it was attempting to actually fix them that was no easy task.   I tried an ever growing range of products: Boots’ “expert sensitive hydrating eye cream" (~$7.99) was moisturizing at best while Clean & Clear’s "Morning Glow Eye Brightening Cream" ($5.89) essentially did nothing.  I hopped from brand to brand with crossed fingers hoping to find a solution.  Several shopping carts o’ MAC, Clinique, Soap & Glory and many others later, I found myself nearly fifty bucks less in front of Origins’ nifty location in Harvard Square.

Cue in the big boys cause Dr. Andrew knows his shizzle.  While Origins’ “Mega-mushroom Eye Serum" ($45.00) is certainly outside of the typical drugstore budget for a .5 oz bottle, this is an absolute miracle cream.  Considering my combination oily-flaky skin, I needed some serious S.O.S.  Not even two days later of consecutive use (once in the A.M. and P.M.) I saw an immediate change in the discoloration.  A week later the skin had already begun to firm and correct the fine lines from years of those restless all-nighters.  In no more than a mere half a month, overall, I have seen an incredible turn around with much of the puffiness completely gone and the darkened spots already fading nicely into my natural skin tone.

However, this serum is definitely not for everyone.  Hilarious name aside (MEGA MUSHROOM POWER UP!!), the smell is a little overwhelming: gritty, earthy and way funky.  Thankfully it doesn’t linger long but one whiff of it is far enough for me.  In addition, if it happens to somehow get into your eye (just a tad) it stings and it stings.. and well, stings.  After inspecting their dozens of eye creams I’ve also come to the conclusion that finding your perfect fit is quite based on your skin type: so choose carefully.  Those with oily skin may find this works perfectly, others, not so much.

At the end of the day, I cannot live without this serum.  Period.  Sure it may be a little pricey but all it takes is a tiny dab of a smear and bang!  I’ve instantly gained back five years of my youth.  However, be warned and remember: should you choose to try Origins’ eye serums, make sure to thoroughly read through each of your options in order to choose the correct product.  Otherwise you may wind up spending fifty+ bucks on a dud.