Jul 15

all about lips

Lips looking a little chapped?  Make up making a flaked up mess?  Ladies, look no further ‘cause Clinique’s “all about lips” has your back.

Unfortunately for me, I’m a sad, sad victim of highly pigmented, crease happy lips.  Combine that with my dry-as-a-bone office environment and it’s easily a recipe for an unbeautified disaster.  No matter how hydrating the gloss or top coat, my lip colour would undoubtedly chip and flake off at some point during the day leaving me looking less than glam.  In a whirlwind attempt to remedy this I tried just about every lip exfoliant within arms’ reach, many of which either fixed my pucker issues temporarily, annoyingly needed to be rinsed off or simply didn’t work.  (While tarte’s FRXtion was possibly the best of the bunch, its cute packaging proved to be a major hassle when the product literally broke and fell out the tube.  Yikes.)

Clinique’s all about lips ($20.00) is the holy grail of exfoliating lip treatments.  The unassuming, fragrance free formula glides on much like your typical body lotion, smooth to the touch.  The magic is in its drying process: gently rub it in for a few seconds and you’re treated to an ultra smoothing, beach like experience.  Imagine the effect of hitting the tropics and the feeling of super fine, enriching white sand on your feet.  Only as it dries, you’re left with no residue, stickiness or moisture.    Unlike other lip treatments “all about lips” soaks in absolutely dry, essentially leaving you with immensely smooth, line-free puckers.  My fav feature?  It’s completely rinse free.

However one important point to keep in mind, is that the one thing this product is not, is a hydrating gloss.  No shiny afterglow or any indication you’re even wearing any product at all.  What it is, is the perfect lip primer.  Perfect for those on the go, the end result is a 100%, true to your skin, matte effect that allows your lipstick or gloss to glide on with long lasting ease.  Unlike my previous attempts, hours later as my colour fades, I’m still left flake and crease free.  While the $20.00 price tag may be a tad on the pricey side for .41 oz, I cannot recommend snagging one for yourself enough if you suffer from the same lip issues as I do.  Never kiss and tell without it!